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Happy 1st Birthday Nevaeh / Alisha  
First birthday graphic from Alisha - Angel Brook's Mommy xo

Thank you so much to Alisha & precious sweet Angel for making Nevaeh's 1st Birthday an even more special day.  It means so much that you put a special tribute on Angel's site for her.  You and Angel are so very special to us and forever it will remain that way...

Love you always
Emma and Nevaeh xoxo

Happy 1st Birthday Princess Nevaeh, XO / Christine Mom2Angel Hendryx  

Hi there sweet baby girl! I just wanted to wish you a wonderful day of celebration as you turn 1 :) Enjoy all that cake and ice cream...and you can eat as much of it as you want because you don't have to worry about any tummy aches! My heart is with your family today because I know they miss you very much. I can only pray that they feel your peace & happiness and that it makes them smile. Shine bright today sweet angel Nevaeh, XO Many hugs to you all!

Thank you so much to Christine and sweet baby Hendryx for all your wonderful graphics you have done for Nevaeh.  It means so much and especially taking the time to do this with the arrival of your new born son/brother baby Justus :-)

Lots of love
Emma and Nevaeh xoxo

Happy 1 st Birthday 16th November / Kayleigh's Nanny Irena (friend)  

Happy 1st Birthday Nevaeh
hope u have the bestest party
sending lots of love hugs & kisses
to a very special
little girl

Thank you to Irena and Kayleigh for all your special tributes to Nevaeh.  Once again another wonderful person that makes a difference.  It means so much to us and always will...

Lots of love
Emma and Nevaeh xoxo


We love and miss you so much my baby girl. The pain and sorrow of your loss is still so raw but I continue on knowing your with me always. I have learnt so much from losing you (only in body form), my daughter, my blood, my greatest & truest love, my never ending soul. I have learnt that I don't need to get over it that I just have to live with it, I will never get over it and nor should I ever have to. It has made me feel so much understanding and compassion towards other families that have gone through the loss of someone they loved so dearly. I had always understood how people would of felt but now it's just so much more clearer now. Families that have gone through heartache after heartache, it's not fair but it happens to the best of people unfortunately no one is immune to tragedy and heartache.... You have made mummy an even stronger person than I thought I could ever be. A strength that I thought didn't exist. You have changed my life forever. You may have only been in mummy's life for a brief moment but that brief moment was a lifetime to me. The short time that you were apart of mummy was better than you never been apart of mummy at all. I would go through all of that heartache, pain and sorrow 1,000 times over again just have that brief moment with you. You have been the greatest teacher to mummy, even though you never spoke to me, you spoke volumes without even speaking. You came to us for a reason, to teach me and make mummy stronger, and more importantly you came to me to be my daughter forever.  I am so proud to be your mummy and so proud to be a mummy to an angel. Thursday must of been your day, we found out we were pregnant with you on Thursday, that something was wrong with you on Thursday, gave birth to you on Thursday and I also started this memorial site on a Thursday. I keep you alive by always remembering you, talking about you, keeping your photo's and teddies up, lighting your candles, sleeping with your blankie (the teddies & blankie you were cremated with I had got two of each for us to keep once you were gone) and things like that. Always thinking of you my baby girl. Love always, forever & eternity, Mummy xoxoxoxo

Nevaeh will also forever live on through her handsome brother Tyler and her three beautiful sisters Toni, Paige and Logan.  Toni, Paige and Logan aren't my daughters they are Nevaeh's Daddy's daughters.  But they will forever be Nevaeh's big sisters. And will always be very special to me and therefore will always have a special place in my heart xo  I am very close to Toni and I love her like a daughter.  She means so much to me and is truly a beautiful and special young lady.  She is such a wonderful big sister to Nevaeh, she loves Nevaeh more than words can express.  Paige and Logan don't live in the same city as us so they weren't able to be around when everything happened with their sister.  Love you all so very much xo And I'm sure your beautiful sister Nevaeh loves you all the way to heaven and back xo

 Nevaeh's Legacy is that she made an impact on peoples lives without ever knowing them or even speaking to them.  She made an impact on our lives more than some living people will ever make in a lifetime. There is nothing more powerful than that I believe....

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